Don't Settle for Bland Cabinets in Your Kitchen

Improve your New Boston & Texarkana, TX home with all-wood kitchen cabinets

When you're spending time and money to remodel your kitchen, you want the finished space to look perfect. Turn to the professional craftsmen at G & S Custom Cabinets and Carpentry LLC and elevate your space with custom kitchen cabinets.

Our experts handle every step of your project, from cupboard designs and construction to cabinet staining and installation. Whether you're building a new home or renovating your outdated space, we can design and build custom kitchen cabinets to your specifications.

Reach out to us in New Boston & Texarkana, TX today and speak with our specialists about our custom kitchen cabinet services.

Restore your custom cabinets

Restore your custom cabinets

Wood stain is popular for improving the look of your wood projects, but it also has many other practical advantages. At G & S Custom Cabinets and Carpentry, we provide cabinet staining services to bring life back to your cupboards.

Some of the biggest advantages of cabinet staining are:


  • Ability to change - If ever down the road you wanted to remodel your cabinets again the stain makes it easier to paint
  • Preservation of aesthetics - Stain can make the natural wood grain pop
  • Protection from wear and tear - Unlike paint, wood stain doesn't rub or peel off




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